Self Service Password 0.8 released!

Self Service Password 0.8 released!
Added by Clément OUDOT about 4 years ago

Self Service Password version 0.8


Self Service Password is a PHP application that allows users to change their password in an LDAP directory (including Active Directory). If password is lost, it can be reset trough questions, by a mail challenge or by a SMS challenge.

More information and screenshots:

Download page:



  • New languages: Russian and Italian
  • SMS challenge
  • Use hash() instead of mhash() if possible
  • Update Samba data only for Samba accounts
  • Protection against LDAP injection


  • Bug #399: Mistakes in the English translation
  • Bug #479: Self-Service-Password in Sapnish
  • Bug #503: Typo in german language file "phpmhash"
  • Bug #515: reCaptcha does not use HTTPS
  • Feature #354: Send random generated password by SMS
  • Feature #359: Use hash() function instead of mhash() when possible
  • Feature #379: I'd like to add SSP to FreeBSD ports
  • Feature #452: Change samba password only if there is an objectClass=sambaSamAccount in the users profile
  • Feature #463: Set default action from configuration file
  • Feature #491: Group local password policy configs in an array to pass around
  • Feature #492: Add config to choose where show password policy
  • Feature #493: Brazilian portuguese translation/improvements
  • Feature #499: Add extra messages
  • Feature #504: Use CSS3 variable name
  • Feature #516: Russian translation
  • Feature #522: Italian translation
  • Feature #537: Detect all missing translation
  • Feature #538: Check login input string to prevent LDAP injection


Thanks to contributors:

  • Luis Armando Roca Fumero
  • Gene Wood
  • Philipp Gassmann
  • Olli Janatuinen
  • Krzysztof Stryjek
  • Otrebor Otrebor
  • Luiz Fernando Severnini
  • Roy Kaldung
  • Gianluca Mascolo
  • Joe Campbell