OpenLDAP init script 1.4 released

Added by Clément OUDOT about 5 years ago

A new version of the OpenLDAP init script was released today.

The big new feature is the capacity of saving and restoring the configuration: you can now easily update your cn=config by editing the LDIF dump and restore it.

  • Bug #315: Bug in initscript when backup option is used
  • Bug #380: Starting slapd when slapd is already running should exit 0 instead of 1
  • Bug #382: Init script lies when saying which port is active
  • Feature #371: Init script shouldn't always exit 0 when status is not running
  • Feature #373: Add backupconfig and restoreconfig actions
  • Feature #374: When restarting, check configuration before stopping slapd

Download it here: